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A workout with the Welsh Dragon!

I have known James ‘Flex’ Lewis since his first visit to the USA back at the 2005 Olympia Weekend. Did I know at the time that the nervous 21-year-old with the Welsh accent so thick I could hardly understand him would be the best 212 Pro in the world as well as one of the [...]

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Reunions, reflections, and fixing muscle imbalances

Friday night was my 25th high school reunion, and as usual; events like this got me thinking about how much things have changed since then. Since this blog is about bodybuilding, I will try to focus on that aspect. When I was in high school, lifting weights was all about building a suit of armor [...]

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Does cardio hinder muscle gains?

Q. Ron, I’ve been doing 45 minutes of cardio after lifting for a few months now and my bpm is between 130 and 155 which at age 57 I know is a bit high. I’ve been doing 30-45 minutes of cardio when I don’t lift. Is this counterproductive? Am I wasting precious time? (I hate [...]

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Less carbs on non-training days, the best training system, and squats

Q. Hey, I was just wondering how does your daily diet differ from training days to non-training days? I was told to cut back on the carbs and eat more protein. I am also pretty curious in all of your years training what would you say would have to be your best type of training [...]

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Should you Pyramid Up or Down?

Q. I have heard that you can get just as big by using supplements as you can with the ‘other stuff,’ steroids, GH, insulin, etc. How much longer would you say it takes? I am 21 now and hopefully want to go from 200 to about 275. Let’s say I could do that on drugs [...]

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Q and A’s

Before I get into some Q and A, I wanted to let everyone in Massachusetts and New Hampshire know about an upcoming event to mark on your calendars. You may recall recently that I wrote about New Hampshire bodybuilder Brandon Doherty, recently diagnosed with terminal liver cancer at only 30 years old. His good friend [...]

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Q and A’s: off-season duration, best post-workout meal, and how many sets?

Here are some more very common questions that I get on a regular basis. Q. How long should an off-season be? A. Roughly speaking, between five and nine months. If it’s four months or shorter, I think you might just be starting to make some very decent gains and now you have to switch over [...]

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