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Ron Harris

Stop lifting weights!

I hope you are all enjoying your holidays. I am relaxing this week for sure. Having finished all my assignments for MD just before Christmas, and with my son out of school on vacation, I have given my training partners ‘the week off’ from us meeting up just so I can sleep in every day. [...]

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It’s not the end of the world, and neither is a back injury for leg training

So the world was supposed to end yesterday, yet here we all are still. Frankly, I was getting pretty annoyed over the last couple years with all the nonsense about the world ending in 2012. For me to really take any of it seriously and be worried, I would have needed something like a giant [...]

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Full-body workouts vs. Split routines

Even though it obviously has nothing to do with bodybuilding or working out, I feel the need to at least briefly address the horrific events that took place late last week in Newtown, CT. I’m not going to argue about gun control or ask why the murderer did what he did to those innocent children [...]

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Knowing When to Back Off

We bodybuilders are a hard-headed bunch. Most of us hate taking days off, even when all signs point to that being the smart thing to do. Case in point? Last Friday while training legs, I somehow managed to sustain a very slight tear of a muscle on the very right hand lower corner of my [...]

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How big can you eventually get?

Q. Without using performance enhancing drugs, and assuming I have pretty good genetics, how big should I be able to get my arms and legs up to? Also, I am 5-11 and 168 pounds right now and have just started lifting a few months ago (I was 155 when I started). How much should I [...]

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Late-night Eating

Before the Q & A’s, just a quick note on the benefit this past Saturday for bodybuilder Brandon Doherty in his battle against cancer held at the GNC in Portsmouth, NH. The event was a big success, and it was amazing to see so many of my fellow competitors and fitness enthusiasts come out to [...]

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