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They’ve got us ALL WRONG!

Before I start today, I have been getting a lot of emails and Facebook messages asking if I am going to the Arnold Classic, mainly from people that want to say hi. I am going, but I am not going to be working a booth and thus not very easy to find. MD is having [...]

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Train harder in the off-season, not pre-contest!

Q. I always train hard, but I feel like I get my best workouts during the contest prep phase. It’s weird – I’m eating less and doing more cardio, but I feel like I can just tear up the gym! My energy and motivation do dip a little bit toward the very end, but for [...]

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Vascularity – the vein game

Today’s topic came to me based on a couple questions I got on Facebook. One asked how he could make his biceps vein more prominent, and the other came from a competitive bodybuilder perplexed that she was quite vascular up until the day of the contest, at which point she was unable to see hardly [...]

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Take care of the big things!

Today’s blog topic came to me from a Facebook message I got from a young man in India. He was asking me how to improve his upper chest. I clicked over to his page to see what he looked like, and as is the case with many of the would-be bodybuilders who contact me from [...]

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Front squats and shoulder replacement

Q. After many years of doing very well with back squats, I am at the point where I simply can’t do them productively any more. My lower back is in pretty bad shape, so any weight that is remotely challenging to my thighs ends up leaving my lower back in pain for up to a [...]

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Why are there so few great backs?

Q. Why is it that out of all the bodyparts, even legs, you just don’t seem to see much development in most guys? Even among serious bodybuilders, great backs are pretty rare. Why is that? A. That’s an excellent question, one that I have given a lot of thought to myself over the years. So [...]

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What will you do with 2013?

It’s 2013, a year many around the world didn’t even think we would live to see. So now that we’re all still here and we have this entire new year stretching out before us, what are you going to do with it? You often hear people say things like “I hope this will be a [...]

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