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The Olympia is Almost Here!

The Olympia Weekend is almost here, and I for one am psyched to be going.  The first Mr. Olympia I ever attended was in the fall of 1991, in Orlando at the Disney World Dolphin Hotel. I was there working on the ESPN production of the event, and luckily for me it was a pretty [...]

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Online Q&A

Time for some Q and A’s – these are actual questions from blog readers and Facebook ‘friends.’ I use that term very loosely as I have no idea who most of them are. Q. Hello, my name is James. I’m 22 years old. I’ve been working out for around 6 years or so and only [...]

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My last day at age 43

Tomorrow I turn 44 years old, or young, however you like to phrase it. Getting older really isn’t something to dread, since nobody is getting any younger – except Benjamin Button, who in fact was getting older even though he was looking younger as the years went on. I was born on the last day [...]

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High or low reps – who says you have to choose?

Lately I have been writing a lot about TORQ training, and not too long ago I was also writing about another training system I picked up from IRONMAN editor Steve Holman called 4X (please Google these for more info rather than email me, thanks!). Before that, I was also enjoying the 7′s from Hany Rambod’s [...]

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Which Type of Bodybuilder Are You?

Be forewarned that today’s blog delves into the psychology of what drives people to become bodybuilders, and I have no formal training in psychology. The theories and opinions expressed are mine alone, based on my own observations, experiences, and conversations with fellow bodybuilders over the past twenty-five years. I concluded years ago that all bodybuilders [...]

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Why Elite Bodybuilders Never Really Get Fat

First today, I want to congratulate my friend Matt Puglia for winning the Over 40 Super Heavyweight division at the IFBB North American Championships this past weekend in Pittsburgh, at the exact same hotel we competed in the Masters Nationals six weeks prior. Unfortunately, only the Overall Over 40 champion is eligible for a pro [...]

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