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7 Great Intensity Boosters to Try!

A blog reader named Jerry Wright who is in my age bracket (he’s 50, I’m 44) recently suggested a great topic – my ‘old-school tricks’ to keep workouts fresh and interesting. I don’t think I have any real ‘tricks’ per se, but there are a few really effective techniques I employ fairly often that anyone [...]

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Do something – anything!!

Often I revisit topics I have covered before for the simple reason that I continue to see so many people who are misinformed about them, and continue to get the same questions from them over and over again. Once more, it’s time to address the glut of information about training and nutrition available today online, [...]

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Which supplements do you really need?

Q. Big Ron, First of all, nice job at the Masters! You went out with a bang buddy! Ron according to your book you name 10 supplements you feel are most beneficial. Can you give an abbreviated list for a guy on a budget? If I take a post recovery drink, does that count for [...]

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My newest injury, a blessing in disguise

So it’s clear now that I have suffered a very minor tear of my left quadriceps, specifically in the ‘outer quad’ or vastus lateralis. Ironically, this is the area I was blessed with in terms of shape that gives my quads that pronounced outer sweep that so many others can never attain. It happened while [...]

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The Secret to Motivation

Motivation seems to be a huge issue for a lot of people I talk to. They ask me how I stay motivated quite often. Even more commonly, men and women both tell me they want to lose weight and/or gain muscle, but they just can’t find the motivation to exercise and eat right. Anyone who [...]

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What a Weekend at the Olympia!

Another Olympia weekend in Las Vegas has come and gone. Here is my experience and brief report. I flew in Thursday night. My arrangements had been made at the last minute, and luckily for me Steve Cantone, former 2-time USA middleweight runner-up and husband of IFBB Pro Figure Andrea Cantone, offered to let me have [...]

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