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How many days in a row should you train?

One subject of ongoing debate for oh, about the last 40 years or so is, how many days in a row should you train? For decades, it was quite standard to train every day Monday through Saturday, typically working each muscle group twice in a three-day rotation of pushing muscles (chest, shoulders, triceps), pulling muscles [...]

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Q & A: Which Pro’s Are Jerks?

Q. As you have been getting older, have you changed your supplement program, or are there things you do now to minimize the soreness? One challenge I have is that I do not seem to bounce back like before. My workouts are much shorter and I do feel the muscle working more than while younger, [...]

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5 Advantages to Starting Bodybuilding Later in Life

“It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish.” and - “Better late than never!” Think about that for a minute. Recently I have been corresponding with a guy who just started training – at the age of 60! I’ve been doing my best to encourage him as he seems pretty bummed that he waited [...]

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Q & A’s: Training Heavier and Gaining Muscle with and Without Gear

Q. “I’m not a believer that drop sets and supersets with moderate weight will build muscle (at least gear-free). Every ounce of muscle my body carries I had to lift very, very heavy weight for it to grow. Incline/flat bench 330lbs, bent over rows 315lbs for 6 reps, barbell curl: a plate and a half [...]

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Bodybuilding isn’t mindless, but it isn’t rocket science either

Today’s blog was inspired by reader Primo D’Agostino, who had the courage at the age of 60 to finally start weight training. This is living proof of the adage, ‘Better late than never!’ Here was his email that I wanted to respond to today: “I know I face many obstacles in my quest. I have [...]

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Q&A: Female Supplements, Exessive Dieting & Knee Pain

Q. I was wondering if you have any suggestions on leg exercises that are easy on the knees. I did something to my knee yesterday. I didn’t feel it as I was working out but later on last night and this morning if I get up a certain way it hurts a decent amount. A. [...]

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