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How to Get Your Own Kids to the Gym

How do I get my kids to work out? This is a question I get fairly often from fellow parents. The short answer is, unless they are genuinely interested in exercise, you will literally have to force them. And with any luck, they will eventually learn to enjoy it or at least enjoy the improvements [...]

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Does Muscle Soreness Matter?

Q. I need to get some clarification on this. Do you have to be sore the day after your workouts to get anywhere? Also, if you’re sore, is there any need to switch up workouts even if you’ve been doing them for 2 months? I have been doing the my current chest routine for 2 [...]

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Dieting to Break 240 Pounds

The last time I blogged, I promised I would run down a typical day of eating for me in this, my final off-season where I am attempting to break my all-time high bodyweight of 240 pounds – and which I am getting very close to. Since I train two days in a row with weights [...]

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Changing Goals in Bodybuilding

First off, let me explain what’s been going on with me and my bodybuilding goals since I last competed in July. After announcing my retirement following the NPC Masters Nationals, a show in which I achieved the best condition of my life yet got my worst contest placing ever (14th out of 31 in the [...]

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Respect your tendons – or they will teach you respect!

As most of you know, tendons are the tough fibrous tissue that connects our skeletal muscles to our bones. They take a real beating over many years of weight training. Depending on how much or little attention you pay to minimizing damage to them, you can either be pain and injury-free, living with the chronic [...]

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The Order of Exercises You Perform Matters

I recently got a question that made me realize it’s time to do a blog about how the order of exercises you perform in your workout, or more specifically, the order of bodyparts, can affect your results. Here was the question: “Is there any benefit to working out biceps last on arm day? I feel [...]

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