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Do you need a training partner or not?

I have been contacted at various times from aspiring bodybuilders who either didn’t even feel they should set foot in a gym and start training until they had a training partner, as well as many solo trainers who felt their workouts would have been far more productive, and their gains far better, if only they [...]

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Can you train at home for a contest?

Q. Ron, Faithful blog reader here. I respect your straightforward no BS writing and opinions. My background. I have a home gym with a Smith machine that has pulldown, pushdown and rowing capabilities, a vertical leg press, a hyperextension bench, Olympic bar, dumbbells and hundreds of pounds of weight plus a treadmill. Due to unforeseen [...]

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You Can’t Rush a Great Bodybuilding Physique

A lot of young guys I talk to these days want to get huge, which I can relate to. So did I at their age. The difference is, they want to be huge yesterday. When I try and explain that building a truly exceptional physique is going to take anywhere from 5-10 years in most [...]

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Is Training a Chore or Your Passion?

Here we are almost two weeks into the New Year, and I am sure you have all noticed an influx of new faces at your gym. This is the ‘New Year’s Resolution’ crowd, who have decided this is the year they will make a change and get in shape at last, or back in shape [...]

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Build Some Huge Shoulders

Whenever you have a standout bodypart as a bodybuilder, you can always expect to get a lot of questions as to what you do for it. In many cases, this won’t yield much in the way of revolutionary information. The fact is that very often when a person has a really great bodypart, it’s due [...]

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Gaining Muscle and Losing Fat

Happy New Year everybody! I hope you all enjoyed New Year’s Eve safely. Let’s start the new year off with a couple very common questions I get that are clearly on the minds of many lifters out there. Q. “I was curious and was wondering if I could get some insight. I’m about 190 pounds [...]

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