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The Dedicated are Few

Lots of people go to the gym consistently. Why is it that so few have exceptional physiques? Let’s rule out genetics and drugs first off, please. Yes they matter, and I would never for a minute pretend otherwise. But there aren’t many ‘genetic freaks’ around at all. If there were, they wouldn’t be freaks, would [...]

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What is the ideal physique?

What is the ideal physique? What are the most important qualities? The answer to that depends entirely on who you ask. You will get a variety of responses, and the kicker is; they are all correct. Defining the ideal physique isn’t so different from determining who the best looking person is, the best movie, the [...]

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Some things I’ve learned, part 6

Patience pays off. Many of us get into bodybuilding thinking we are going to get huge in no time flat. I vividly recall being 18 years old, 140 pounds soaking wet, staring at photos of Rich Gaspari in magazines and being sure I would look like the 3-time Mr. Olympia runner-up in a year’s time. [...]

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Bodyweight Bullsh*t

“What are you weighing these days?” “What weight are you gonna come in at?” If you are a bodybuilder, you have heard the first question many times to be sure. If you also happen to compete, the second question is one you’ve been asked many times when you were preparing for a contest. We are [...]

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An ounce of prevention is worth ten pounds of cure

A large amount of emails and messages I get concern injuries and how to treat them and work around them. As I always explain, I am in no position to diagnose any injury at all. Only an actual medical professional can do that with any degree of accuracy. As far as injury treatment, that’s also [...]

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