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Definition, arm size potential, and recovery

Q. How lean do you have to be to see your shoulder cut clear as day? I don’t know exactly what it’s called, but the main definition line that separates your shoulder from the bi’s and tri’s. When I flex I see them no problem, but just relaxed at my sides they’re not as noticeable. [...]

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My leg workout with Branch Warren – I survived!

Let me begin by saying that I train very hard, and pride myself on that. I am not and never have been the strongest man, but my intensity is always high. I am all about maximum effort and training to failure and beyond. I’ve also trained with a few top pro’s including Ronnie Coleman (legs), [...]

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It’s not all about the trophy

When you compete, whether the division is bodybuilding, Physique, Figure, or Bikini, the objective is to win. That’s why we grind out those last reps when our minds and bodies have already demanded that we quit. It’s why we wake up and get on a StepMill for 40 minutes before breakfast. It’s why we diet [...]

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Do tattoos ruin physiques?

For quite some time, bodybuilders with tattoos have been writing to me and asking whether or not they will be scored down because of them, and whether or not they should try to cover them up. The more tattoos I have gotten myself in recent years, the more it seems I get these questions. Let [...]

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Why I won’t write a ‘tell-all’ book about bodybuilding

Recently I received an email that repeats a question/suggestion I have gotten more times than I can even remember, all of which sound something like it: “I’m just curious if you would ever consider writing a book about the countless stories about the bodybuilding world and business? Not necessarily a “tell all” book, but one [...]

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