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Q&A: Female Supplements, Exessive Dieting & Knee Pain


I was wondering if you have any suggestions on leg exercises that are easy on the knees. I did something to my knee yesterday. I didn't feel it as I was working out but later on last night and this morning if I get up a certain way it hurts a decent amount.


I don't go into the subject of injuries in my book because I am not qualified, and neither is any other bodybuilder unless he or she happens to have legitimate, formal medical training. At the very least, you should be asking a Physical Therapist if not an Orthopedic Specialist, preferably in both cases with a background in sports injuries and treating athletes. Even when a bodybuilder may have suffered an injury himself, this does not qualify him to diagnose or suggest treatment for injuries. Men in general attempt to avoid seeking medical attention unless absolutely necessary. In the case of any knee injury in which the pain persists, that's the only way you will ever know what's actually going on and what your treatment options as such will be. I'd love to sit here and tell you I can address all your injury concerns, but it would be a lie.

That being said, the only leg exercise that is inherently dangerous to the knees is very heavy leg extensions, particularly when the movement is initiated with the lower leg bones (tibia and fibula) are greater than 90 degrees from the femur, in an extreme stretch position. I have done many heavy squats, hack squats, and leg presses over the years; but the only time I've suffered knee pain is when I pinned extra weights on the stack for leg extensions. Any leg exercise can damage the knee if the negative stroke of the rep is 'dropped' and you rebound or bounce out of the bottom position. This amplifies the forces applied to the knee joint and surrounding connective tissues. You don't need to pause at the bottom of your reps, but do take care to be sure you never make the turnaround too fast. If you do hurt your knee, take it easy and don't do any more leg training until the pain is gone. Rest and ice are your friends, and see a doctor if the pain continues.


My question is this. I would like to know which supplements would be good for a woman. I have been away from bodybuilding now for the last 17 yrs and I am not up to date on what's good anymore. I have always had a problem with getting a good pump. And have had a hard time with good weight gains. I get most of my calories from good clean meals.

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The same supplements that are good for men are good for women, the only exception being hormonal types of products that are marketed as testosterone boosters or those that fall into the 'prohormone' category. What most of these are is actual oral human growth hormones that have no been classified as such by the FDA. Once they are, the companies stop producing that particular one and come out soon after with another that's really just a very slight variation on it but with similar results. There have been some that are marketed toward women that will not have the same level of adverse side effects, namely hair growth on the face and body and hair loss on the head, deepened voice, oily skin, and genital enlargement. But generally speaking, women can and should use the same supplements men do: protein powders, creatine, pre and post-workout formulas, and fat burners when needed. If getting a pump is a challenge, I recommend the combination of Vasotropin and SuperpumpMAX from Gaspari Nutrition. Real Mass is their weight gainer that features only quality proteins and carbs, where others pack a ton of sugar into theirs to achieve higher calorie counts.


Hey Ron!I guess you kinda know me from all the comments/questions I ask on the MD forums My question for you is the following: I've been dieting my ass off for the past 6 months and I can't seem to lose Any body fat. I've tried everything you name it; keto, low carb, high carb, low fat, low protein, high protein etc. Who would you recommend me hiring that will get me to lose fat and be shredded (even though I'm relatively fairly lean) that is affordable?

Thanks again brother,



I wouldn't hire anybody, because you need to stop dieting now. You have been dieting so long that you have effectively shut down your metabolism and your body's ability to burn fat. I should not that CDG is an aspiring bodybuilder, but currently isn't as big as the average Men's Physique competitor. I recommended to him that he should forget about getting lean for the time being and focus instead on building muscle. If he wouldn't do that, I suggest that he at least take a full month to 're-set' his metabolism by doubling his carbs and healthy fats and ceasing any cardio. I still think putting on muscle is a great way to stay lean that most people don't realize. Muscle is very metabolically demanding and burns up calories even at rest.

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