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James Villepigue

Active Meditation For Slimming & Trimming!

There are two types of people in this galaxy of ours, those that meditate, and those who do not. I mean that sarcastically of course. Those who do it, and reach that space of pure potential and creativity though, cannot fathom those who choose to not partake. However, this is the 21st century, and we [...]

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Turning Your Understanding Of Body Type into a Trimmer Waistline

Let’s be honest, for some people the amount of work it takes to get “skinny”, in the Hollywood/Magazine Cover sense, is impractical. We’re talking an extremely restricted diet, counting calories endlessly, exercising constantly, and at some point it will begin to take over everyday life. Once getting fit becomes the central preoccupation of existence, things [...]

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Are You Well Vested? The Obstacle Racers Secret Weapon!

Let’s take a look at how you can use a weighted vest to build power, strength, endurance, and burn tons of extra calories doing whatever you’re doing. Some people use them athletically; some people employ them to bring their body past its current limits during training, while others wear one under their work clothes all [...]

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Time to Try Something New!

Do you feel the uncomfortable shifting in society? Is it just me or does it really seem like systemic change is in the air? The horizon ahead is heralding a period of great difficulty for the human species. We’ve come at a crossroads in so many different ways – economically, spiritually, and environmentally. The reasons [...]

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