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James Villepigue

Demonstrate Deliberate Control

If you live in the free world, you have control of what goes into your mouth. The 21st century loves to celebrate the Laws of Attraction, well what about the Laws of Deliberate Actions as demonstrations of what you seek to attract? Let everything that goes into your mouth be a statement to the universe, [...]

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Body Weight Training BOOM!!!

I’ve noticed a pretty big push in the exercise industry towards body weight training again. It’s a good sign in my opinion. There are some substantial differences between your conventional workout, where the body is asked to deal with exterior weights in rep fashion, and body weight training where the body must communicate only with [...]

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Dig Deep and Work Harder!

At the end of the day, if you’re nailing the nutrition part but not seeing the fitness gains, then perhaps harder work is the answer. It’s so easy to get stuck in a weekly routine, and even though the sweat is pouring down, the body has adapted. • Despite the fact you’re faithfully sticking to [...]

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