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Stand Up For Yourself…Literally!!!

Fitness Doesn’t Mean Sitting Our Way Into Oblivion

In this technological renaissance of ours, there are some new dangers in our midst. Online gaming has exploded, social networking has been surgically connected to modern life, and sitting has become a way to make a living.

One of the best ways you can ensure you not only stay in great shape but avoid chronic pain later on in life and avoid debilitating diseases, is to sit less. In this article we’ll get rise to the occasion of making sure we’re informed on how unnatural and deadly prolonged sitting can be. Here’s a quick list of systems at risk:

  • Nervous
  • Endocrine
  • Digestive
  • Circulatory/Cardiovascular

It’s Time to Stand Up for Fitness Sake

The fact of the matter is that as the virtual world has gained influence in our cultures, our cultures have been steadily getting more obese and sick. Technology is not to be blamed, because we can all take easy steps to ensure that we combat the ill effects of desk jobs, gaming sessions, and bouts of stationary digital activity.

It’s getting to the point where companies realize the financial benefits of a healthy workforce. If you have a desk job, it is totally within your rights, and the rights of all employees to ask for at least one five minute break per hour to stand up for fitness sake.

What is Prolonged Sitting Bad for Me?

For starters, the natural curvature of your spine gets all distorted and out of whack. Second, it teaches and breaks down good posture which leads to spinal problems. Thirdly, it quite frankly will end up deforming crucial ligaments! To be Frank, studies are coming out that show a lifestyle of prolonged sitting is as dangerous to your health and fitness as smoking.

How does constant back pain sound? If you think it’s hard to maintain a rigorous exercise regimen outside the office, try it with slipped discs.

What are some Practical Tips I can use?

Here are four things that every can do if they set their mind to it. Once you get used to them and make it a habit, then it becomes second nature and it’s as easy as can be.

  1. Make it a point to stand up at least once for every single hour you sit. If employers have a problem with it, explain to them how much money the company will save in health insurance, and lost productivity do to back pain/problems. There’s a digital ton of data to back up your need to stand once an hour.
  2. Take some time to stretch while you’re gaming, working, web surfing, or vegging out on YouTube videos. Put your hands behind your head and lean back. Or place them on your lower back and push your abdomen forward.
  3. Take every opportunity to get up and get moving. With mobile technology, and all the head gear out these days, whenever you can do something standing or pacing around, do it.
  4. Start practicing good seated posture now. The sooner you make it habitual the better. It’s simply a matter of muscle memory. The clincher is that you’ll think and feel better with good posture because your kinetic chain will be aligned, you’ll get better oxygen uptake, and you won’t be uncomfortable.

So What Exactly Is Proper Sitting Posture?

There are ideally three healthy and natural curves to the human spine. Beyond these the blows should not be pointed out diagonally, but backwards because they’re at the sides of the body. Additionally, shoulders shouldn’t be tense, of constantly kept in a scrunched position. Relax. Here are the spinal curves:

  • First, the neck is forward, not handing down or sitting back with the chin pointed up.
  • Second, there is a broad outward curve across the upper back region.
  • Third, the lower back should be pointed inward, not outward due to slouching in your seat.

How Can I Help My Sitting Posture?

As awareness of the dangers of excessive sitting grows, more and more practical and inexpensive products are appearing that can help you end the fight against bad posture.

  • There are all kinds of enhanced shirts available already that can be worn casually or under work attire. From female posture trainers to outfitted and enforced V-necks for men, there’s no excuse not to have one if you work or play hours a day behind the screen.
  • There are tons of exterior supports like pillows, support braces, and specialized chairs that drastically reduce the harmful effects of sitting.
  • There are even entire upper body outfits, bands, and customizable spandex/nylon posture control devices on the market to be of assistance.

Sometimes Exercise Isn’t Enough

Too often people mistakenly believe that if they sit for four hours, then go exercise for a few hours, then sit for another few hours everything is going to be ok. Wrong. Exercise is awesome, and will help negate the effects of sitting, but ultimately you need to be taking those standing and stretching breaks every twenty minutes or so.

Above all else, in order to facilitate overall fitness in your life, if sitting is a part of it, then establishing and habitualizing good posture is paramount. Again, let me stress that the American workforce needs to get in better shape. If you work a desk job and your employer doesn’t allow standing breaks, or provides for employee exercise breaks, then you can be the one to get one going.

It’s time to stand up to the horrors of sitting, for fitness sake. It’s not all that great to look good on the outside, but suffer from chronic pain or disease on the inside. Sit up tall, relax, and fit in those fitness breaks.

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