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Trish Warren

A Dream Come True

This past weekend was a dream come true for Branch and I.   It has been very long overdue for Branch to finally win the Arnold Classic Title.  His journey began many years ago and I have watched him year after year give his all for the moment that was unveiled on Saturday night.  It was the most amazing feeling to stand with him and watch his fans hang on his every word as he accepted one of the most prestigious titles in bodybuilding.

On another note, I  am also very happy with my 3rd place finish.  My goal was to make my routine better and to remain top 3 in the World.  I feel that this Arnold placing has established me as a top fitness pro and I will be gunning for the Olympia title come September.

Now we have more business to tend to in London as Branch goes for another win at the British Grand Prix!

Until Next Time

Love Life and God Bless


Member Comments from Atlanta, GA
A group of fans traveled up from Georgia to Columbus, and went to the expo. We watched the web stream online, and we were very impressed with Branch and happy for him once he was announced the winner. Congrats to you and Branch both.
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