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Trish Warren

Olympia Prep Underway

I can't beleive I am already starting to prepare for the Olympia!  I sent my contract in this week, and have already started routine practice!  I will admit that helping all my fitness girls has really made me think outside the box for cool ideas!  I have such a diverse group of girls with all different types of backgrounds that I may just throw in a salsa move and make it look cool!  It is always a challenge to continue to evolve as a fitness competitor, and by surrounding myself with these girls and choreographing very unique routines, I feel that it has only helped me to be a better performer!  I am really excited to begin my routine prep and to see what the end product becomes!

I will soon have footage of these routines on the FitnessRX for women website so stop in and see what I am up to these days! I will also begin adding my own routine footage as it unfolds.

Until Next Time,

Love Life and God Bless


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