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It's that time of year again when all the traveling amps up.  From now until October, I will be all over the place.  This weekend I will be in Burlington VT for the NPC Vermont show, so if you are in the area please stop in and say hello.  After that Branch and I go back to the UK for another short tour.  We had such a successful trip in March that we decided to go back for more.  We will host a couple seminars and attend the UKBFF Scottish Bodybuilding Championships on the 29th.  In June you can find me at  the Gaspari Nutrition Flex Lewis Classic in TN on the 25th.  After these trips I will be heading to the Muscular Development Branch Warren Gasp Classic in Spring TX, of course I will attend this show ; )! In the midst of all of this we will have already started our diet for the upcoming Olympia!  Branch and I have this traveling while dieting down to an art, we work very well together and never skip a beat while we are away from our home.  We take all of our food, frozen of course, and a couple cooking stations so everything can be prepared fresh in our room.  The most important thing about prepping for the biggest show of the year is to be prepared and to make sure that no meals are skipped!

I will also begin another road to the Olympia video series so please keep stopping by for links to this series and updates on my whereabouts!

Until Next Time

Love Life and God Bless


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