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Hello Family & Friends!

Thank you for checking in! I am extremely #EXCITED to share my latest news with you. Many of you have probably heard the news already with the ever evolving social media but if you have not….I now have a BABY ON BOARD! WOWWIE! My doctor confirmed that I was pregnant about 3.5 weeks ago and let me just say it has been an absolute whirlwind ever since!

Here’s the story. I was 4-weeks out from competing in the IFBB California Pro Figure Championships and I knew something was off with my body. I am very in tune with my body and I knew that with this prep something was just not right. My physique was coming down as we approached the show but not as quickly or as easy as I am accustomed to. I vividly remember when I checked in with Coach Kim Oddo, he had asked me if I cheated or had Easter candy because I had a pooch. Okay, cheating on my diet during prep is not an option but Coach Kim was right I had a pooch! I never have a pooch this close to show time.

The following week, I flew out to the Emerald Cup to represent Team Gaspari. I remember feeling so bloated and constipated to the point where it was quite uncomfortable. I thought to myself, “What is going on??!!” I never have issues like this during prep. Not good! Troy and I even went through a checklist of possible things that could have caused these symptoms/signs and we could not think of anything. As soon as I flew home to Cali, I decided to go for a series of colonics to flush out my system. After the series, I felt better but at the bottom of my 6-pack I still had that pooch! If I just told you how extremely hard I was training and pushing myself during this prep you would say there is no way you should have that pooch. Right?!

I always say, “LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.” Something was off with my body and I knew it. I recall lying in bed not being able to sleep just trying to figure out what could possibly be going on. Then the thought did cross my mind, “What if I am pregnant?” To be honest, I didn’t think so just because I was on birth control pills but I knew there is that slim chance. The next day, Troy and I got back from the gym and I just looked at him & said, “Hunny, what if I am pregnant?” He was like, we better find out if you are so we went to the store and bought a pregnancy test at 10pm. The next 30 minutes was quite funny. When we got home, I read the test very carefully a few times and then I proceeded to take the test. At this point, I just wanted to know what was going on with my body. A few minutes passed and I slowly picked up the stick and Wholla! I saw a plus sign=pregnant, However, Troy looked at it and goes, “Hunny-that’s a minus-not pregnant.” I think we went back and forth for 10 minutes saying no, it’s a plus, no, it’s a minus..LOL. We decided to go back to the store to buy a test that actually spelled out, “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant.” After 3 tests, we came to the conclusion that I was in fact pregnant.

After being in shock for about 48 hrs., I did my research for a great OB/GYN. Luckily, I found a great doctor and she was in-network for our insurance. The doctor was quite booked so the earliest that her office could squeeze me in was the following week with the nurse practitioner. For that week until I saw the NP, I decided not to train. To be honest, I had so many questions. I still had to confirm the pregnancy and if I was in fact pregnant, I did not know how far along I was and I definitely did not want to do anything that could potentially harm my baby. Therefore, I decided to take it easy until I saw the doctor and I researched all about pregnancy. Let me just say how amazing it was to see my body quickly change within those 8 days. My 6-pack abs went to a 4-pack to a 2-pack with a slight belly. JUST WOW! If you don’t believe me, check out these pics (First pic-progress pic to coach Kim the day I found out I was pregnant, 2nd pic-exactly 8 days later when I saw the doctor):

Those 8 days until I saw the doctor seemed like the longest 8 days ever. Then the day finally came, my doctor’s appointment to confirm the pregnancy. Once I provided a urine sample, I was then escorted to a room to wait for the NP. I was a bit anxious and I know my heart was racing a bit. When the NP entered, I told her that my visit was to confirm the pregnancy. After we spoke for a bit, it was time for the ultrasound.  After reading & researching about pregnancy, Troy and I were thinking I was about 6-weeks pregnant. Therefore, I was expecting to see a baby on the screen that was very small & tadpole-like. Well, to my big surprise I saw a much bigger baby with a head, body, legs, arms and a strong heart beat! As soon as I saw our baby my heart just melted and I got teary eyed. JUST AMAZING!!

The NP then said, “Well, I guess you are a little further along than you expected. You are actually 12 weeks and 4 days.” She then asked, “You did not have any symptoms like nausea or fatigue or anything else at all?” I did some math in my head and then I told her, “No, in fact I was feeling great, working, training, traveling and I actually even competed twice pregnant!” Yes, I was in fact pregnant at the 2012 Arnold (Figure International) and 6-weeks pregnant at the IFBB Pro Governor’s Cup where I placed 2nd! The NP found that quite incredible.

Troy and I just feel so #BLESSED. We have been talking about starting our family but we were thinking most likely next year since I had qualified for the 2012 Olympia. Well, our lil’ precious angel came sooner than we had expected and you know what? We could not be happier. We want to send a huge thank you to Isaac Hinds and Ron Avidan. Thank you both for the wonderful & kind, “Baby On Board” announcement that you wrote on and thank you for your continued friendship. If you missed the announcement, you can view it here:

We also want to thank all of you for your gracious amount of love, support and kindness on the news of our baby. We are honestly overwhelmed from your outpouring of love and are so #THANKFUL.

Stay tuned! I am not slowing down any time soon. I plan on staying extremely fit & active throughout my whole pregnancy. I will keep you all posted about my exciting new journey, upcoming appearances & more here on my Team Gaspari Athlete blog as well as on facebook, twitter and on my new website whose launch date got pushed back.

Until next time, I wish you all the best and THANK YOU AGAIN!

Much Love


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