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Getting a BOOST from #AMINOLAST after New Orleans!

Hi Everyone:)!

Last week, I headed to New Orleans for the IFBB/NPC Greater Gulf States. I was excited for the show since it was Troy’s first NPC Men’s physique show. Plus, a lot of our Oddo’s Angels & Team Kim Oddo family were also attending/competing. I am now 5 months pregnant and I honestly was not sure how I would feel flying & sitting on the plane for a prolonged period of time. The good news is that aside from shifting every now & then in my seat, it went great. I also made sure I was prepared for the long day of travel-comfy yoga clothes, comfy shoes, snacks and plenty of water to stay hydrated. I think also having Troy & Coach Kim as my travel companions made the trip that much better and more fun for sure.

As soon as we landed we were greeted by Robin & Luke the promoters of the show.  It is always nice to land safely in your destination city and see familiar friendly faces. By the time we arrived at the hotel, did some cardio, made a run to Whole Foods, it was time for the seminar. The seminar was open to all who wanted to attend and we had a great turnout! IFBB Pro Head judge Lee Thompson, Coach Kim Oddo, Isaac Hinds of Hardbody, IFBB Pros Amanda Latona, Nicole Wilkins, Karin Kimura and I were open to answer any questions the attendees had and then we followed that up with posing practice. One of my passions now is helping fellow competitors work on their stage presence & posing for competition so I enjoyed every minute!

My goal for the weekend was to make Troy’s show experience the best it could be for him. I was already super proud of him working 6-7 days week, traveling for work, getting up at 4am, killing it at the gym & getting all his cardio & training done and in the whole process losing over 40# for the show! Wowwie!!! Coach Kim & Troy definitely did work for this show. He was already a winner in my book. Saturday am it was SHOW TIME! When Troy’s class was up, I was so nervous!..LOL I was sitting next to Kim right in back of the judges (Thank you Robin & Luke) and restless in my chair! When Troy stepped on stage, I felt so proud of him! All his hard work definitely showed. The competition in the whole show was great and Troy definitely held his own for his 1st show making 1st callout! When it was all said & done, Troy placed 6th in his class. After the night show, it was time to celebrate so we all loaded up into 5-6 cars and headed to an Italian restaurant. It was #GOODTIMES with GREAT friends! CONGRATS to Robin & Luke on a GREAT & successful show!

Troy & I headed back home to Cali on Sunday. Hit with 2 flight delays, we did not make it home until 11:30pm at night. Before I knew it, it was Monday am & time for my doctor’s appointment. We got a good report from the doctor so Troy and I were very happy. After the exam, she said that I am looking great and that our baby girl is also looking great. Plus, all the recent prenatal tests and sonograms all came back normal. Our baby girl is growing so fast, is super active and has a nice strong heartbeat. This was all music to my ears. Whenever I return home from a trip, I am always a little tired the first am home and this time it was no different. However, when we got back from the doctor we had a special delivery from Gaspari. It was the brand new innovative product- AMINOLAST! I was eagerly awaiting this product especially since becoming pregnant since there aren’t too many supplements that I have been incorporating into my regimen. I’ve cut out caffeine/stimulants and have been very selective with the supplements that I have been using as well as the foods that I have been ingesting. I thought I was picky before well now I am picky on a whole new level!..LOL

You may ask, why was I eagerly awaiting the release of AMINOLAST. Here is why…AMINOLAST is a BCAA formula, which aids in recovery & endurance. Plus, it is loaded with electrolytes, it is stimulant & sugar free, has zero carbs and it also contains no artificial coloring! Since I am still training through my pregnancy, I was looking for just the right supplement to help fuel my workouts. This week, I used AMINOLAST twice already on Legs day and on shoulder day. My thoughts? The taste was outstanding (I tried Strawberry Kiwi-yum!), it mixed well & easily (which not all BCAA formulas do) and I had GREAT energy throughout my workout and after! Plus, I took less time between sets so I felt like an energizer bunny with a baby belly. My verdict on AMINOLAST…TWO THUMBS UPJ! #WINNER!

Until next time my friends, train hard & eat smart!




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