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Hi Everyone:)!

True story, I was at the gym training the other night @5 months preggo and a guy asked me if I am having a baby Jay Cutler..LOL I giggled and said, “Nope it’s a baby girl:).” Well, I took it as a compliment so I guess that means I am looking pretty good and fit then huh? I have been training throughout my pregnancy and my doctor actually recommended for me to do so. She encouraged me to continue training since I have been training for many years now. I must admit both my body & mind are accustomed to training & exercise so I think I would go crazy if I was not able or allowed to train through the pregnancy.

However, since I found out I was with child, my training has definitely changed. Recall, I was training & in FULL competition prep mode 4-weeks out from The IFBB California Pro when my pregnancy was confirmed at 12 weeks and 4 days. So to go from FULL FORCE PREP MODE to FULL FORCE BABY MODE was a BIG change for me. It was like slamming on the brakes of the car and changing direction fast! Once I got the okay from my doctor, I revamped my training. I have decreased my overall intensity with my workouts and my doctor said to make sure my heart rate did not exceed 150 beats/minute. I also have decreased the amount of weight I am now lifting.

My whole mentality changed when I found out I was pregnant. I am not just training for just myself anymore, I am now training for our lil’ angel as well. I have to remember that what I do, what I feel, what I intake, well just about everything that I do will affect my baby. That is pretty powerful & incredible! I thought I was healthy before, well now I am healthy to a whole new level.  Therefore, I am now focused on staying positive, happy, fit & healthy for the two of us:).

I am now 21 weeks and 4 days, exactly 9-weeks from when my pregnancy was first confirmed. These past 9-weeks have been quite incredible. It has been amazing watching my body change and to also feel the changes go on within my body. It has been even more incredible watching our baby angel grow with each progressive sonogram and to feel her move and kick! People have asked, “What does it feel like?” Some women describe their baby’s movement as flutters. For me, it’s really hard to explain what it feels like but the word flutters does not come to my mind. I have told family & friends that for me it feels like something is just going on in there. However, the past few weeks baby angel has been very active and her movements are more intense& frequent and at times it feels like a wave of motion going on in there. At other times, it’s so strong that it catches me off guard and makes me pause for a minute.

Yesterday, I had another 2nd trimester sonogram at UC San Diego. Doctors visits and prenatal testing have been quite frequent throughout my pregnancy. (I will go into more detail about that in a future blog) Every time I have a sonogram, I hold my breath until I see our baby angel appear on the screen and see her move or see her heart beating & yesterday’s sonogram was no different. I guess it’s because I just want everything to go smoothly with my whole pregnancy and I just want our baby to be happy, healthy, strong and to be developing normally without any complications or cause of concern. #THANKFUL to say the visit went great and our baby girl is looking GREAT! The technician commented on how active she was throughout the 45 minute sonogram saying she was doing acrobatics..LOL! We all watched as she kicked, moved her arms, flipped over a few times and at one point she even had one leg and foot completely past & over her head! Talk about flexibility! Do we have a future gymnast? The doctor came in right after he reviewed my chart and all the sonogram pictures and said that everything is looking great. Our baby has a strong heartbeat, is measuring exactly where she should at 21 weeks and 4 days and on the graph for weight, she is not underweight or overweight. She is right on the money for her age, smack right in the center of the graph at a whooping 1#..LOL. Feeling very #BLESSED for the great news and check up!

Busy, busy, busy! Packing up now to head to San Jose tomorrow to represent Team Gaspari at the San Jose Fit Expo! Please stop by and say hi @ booth number 1117! Followed by another exciting weekend-July 21st! Come see me co-host Musclecontest’s IFBB/NPC LA Grand Prix/Championships. Hope to see you all soon at an upcoming event!

3d Image of Baby Angel at 18 weeks & 2 days (She is snuggled up against the placenta)

Me Training at 5 months preggo!

Baby Angel's Profile at 21 weeks & 4 days and her lil' Foot print:)

Comparison shot: Baby Angel at 12 weeks & 4 days versus Baby Angel at 21 weeks & 4 days:)


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