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It is truly amazing #1 how powerful the mind is and #2 how powerful the power of positivity is. Last week, I hit a few bumps or obstacles and instead of getting discouraged or stressed, I took a deep breath and I got my mind set straight. I said to myself, “Don’t stress! Stressing about it will surely not help. Think POSITIVELY!” No joke, as soon as I told myself that within minutes, I received a phone call with a WONDERFUL opportunity!

I really wanted to share this with you because we all have bumps, obstacles, roadblocks that we encounter in life & I have family and friends who are going through some very difficult times right now.  Whether they are job related, health related, relationship related or business related these bumps in the road do surface. We all know that stress is not healthy and that it is actually quite harmful to us and to our body so let’s manage, handle or eliminate it when possible. Plus, does stressing about these bumps in the road or stressing about your situation help? NO! Plus, I often find that by stressing about them actually cloud our thought processes and our judgment. I also know that sometimes it is harder than other times to think positively when we are going through some very tough times. Instead of stressing, find productive ways or outlets to manage these stressors. Think of what or who helps alleviate your stress and take that route. Also, think positively! You will be amazed at how powerful that actually is.

It has taken time for me to learn this. I think my own personal experiences & hardships have taught me important life lessons. They have also prompted personal growth and have made me who I am today. Now, my outlook on life is very different & I have learned to manage stress a lot more productively and yes, I have a very positive outlook on life. For me, managing my stress effectively & efficiently and thinking positively is even more important since I am now with child. I now have to be concerned with my health & well-being as well as our baby angel’s health & well-being. How powerful is that!

Sending out love & prayers to those who are going through tough times right now~


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