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Hi Everyone!

I apologize that I have been MIA! It seems as though Sept. just flew on by and now we are already 3/4 through Oct.! I thought things would have slowed down a bit being pregnant but not so much for me. In Sept., I did my last bit of travels and I surely made the most of it especially with baby angel set to making her debut within the next 3-weeks!

Last month, Troy and I took a babymoon/birthday getaway to Lake Arrowhead, CA. We had never gone to a bed & breakfast so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to do so & surprise Troy for his birthday. If you have never been there, it is such a beautiful & peaceful place! We had the most wonderful time together in Lake Arrowhead and we absolutely enjoyed our peaceful surroundings and some much-needed down time. The following weekend we headed to Vegas for the Olympia. It was the 1st Olympia that I attended in the past 9 yrs that I was neither working nor competing. As many of you know, I was qualified to compete in the Olympia but I was not able to grace the stage being pregnant. I must admit, I was a little disappointed that I was not able to compete since I was so excited to step back on the Olympia stage. However, the reason I was not able to compete-baby angel is well worth it for sure!

I had an amazing time at the Olympia! One of the best parts about this year’s Olympia was a surprise that Troy had for me. Troy and my brother Rich planned to have Rich fly in to surprise me at the Olympia! I was happily surprised to say the least and yes, I did shed tears of happiness when I saw my brother. This Olympia, I had the opportunity to watch the prejudging & night shows to cheer on my fellow friends & IFBB Pro competitors, mingle at the expo, spend time with incredible friends and I even made it out to our Gaspari after party at Club XS. I do believe I was the only 8.5 mo preggo lady there in the club..LOL

Fast forward to October, I had a FALSE ALARM & headed to the hospital. Now remember, this is my 1st pregnancy so everything is new for me. I thought my water broke and I was having wave like motions going on in my lower abdomen so I called my Dr. and she told me to head to labor & delivery. As I was headed to the hospital, I was thinking, “Oh no, I can’t have the baby yet. I’m only 35.5 weeks preggo right now, we are in the process of moving and my childbirth class does not start until tomorrow!” Luckily, my Dr. was at the hospital that day so she & the nurses were able to examine me and check on our precious angel. I was relieved to hear that my water did not break & that baby angel looks great. My Dr. also told me that I was having contractions and to take it easy a bit. Truth be told, up to that day, I had not slowed down. Why you may ask? I really have felt great throughout this entire pregnancy & I’ve had no symptoms so I was still working, training, keeping busy and packing to move. However, after this false alarm, which was like a wake up call for me I have scaled it back a notch. One of my girlfriends even said, “Krissy, even Superwoman needs to slow down sometimes.”

I truly believe that the false alarm was a sign. I am going to listen and I already have scaled back a tad as I mentioned. My main priority right now is keeping our baby angel protected & safe until she is ready to make her debut, which is in about 3-weeks! The next few weeks will be interesting as we prepare to close on our new house, move and finish up preparations for the debut of our baby angel! #EXCITING times for sure!


Krissy Chin BS, MSPT

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