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Hi Family & Friends!

A tad bit late but HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope everyone’s new year is off to a wonderful start! Each new year, I often take the time to reflect back on the previous year. For me I had so much to be thankful for in 2012. However, I am most thankful for the birth of our baby girl- London MeiLan Johnson on Nov. 26, 2012. You can say that London’s birth changed me forever.

Taking a look back, I truly enjoyed a wonderful, fit & healthy pregnancy. My Dr. even said to me, “You are just too healthy. Eat junk food, have sex & walk a lot” when I saw her at my 40-week appointment. She had also said that London was just too comfy & cozy in the womb and that if she did not make her grand debut at the 41-week mark, she would induce me since London was already a healthy size and I was adamant about having a natural birth. Well, I hit the 41-week mark and I was still only effaced 50% and I was not dilated at all. Therefore, I was admitted into the hospital to be induced as scheduled on Saturday Nov. 24th, 2012.

I have to be honest, when I knew I was going to be admitted on Nov. 24th I really thought London would be born on the 24th or at the latest the 25th certainly not the 26th. However, London was taking her time & my body was also being quite stubborn. My water finally did break in the early morning hours of the 25th & it took multiple interventions to get me dilated to 10cm. The doctors & nurses were monitoring both London & I closely since when my water broke there was meconium so they said that we had to deliver within 24 hrs. Plus, my blood pressure had dropped very low to about 80/50 because I was given a bit too much with my epidural.

My doctor came into the hospital in the early am hrs. of Nov. 26th just to deliver London. Dr. Cerrone then told me that if I wanted to still have a vaginal birth, I really had to focus and push because we were watching the clock and they were making sure London was not in distress since the labor was so long and the fact that they saw meconium when my water broke. I knew in my heart, I really wanted a vaginal birth and I did not want a c-section. I prayed, focused and pushed like my life depended on it. After about 33 hrs. of labor, some serious pushing and a ton of support from my whole team, we welcomed London MeiLan Johnson (7lbs. 13 oz., 21 inches) on Nov. 26th, 2012 at 2:33am.

Giving birth to London was nothing short of amazing. Seeing a life be born is such a huge blessing, just a true miracle. I personally did not want to miss one minute of her birth so we had cameras flashing, video going and I had a huge mirror down by my feet. When London came into this world, it is hard to describe in words exactly what I felt that very first moment I saw London. It was a combination of unexplainable & immeasurable LOVE, JOY, HAPPINESS all rolled up in one and then multiplied by a million. All I knew is that I wanted to hear the doctor say that she was okay and I just wanted to hold her as soon as I could.

Daddy Troy cut her umbilical cord & then the nurses had to examine her and aspirate meconium that she had swallowed while in the womb. Then the moment finally came that the nurses put baby London on my chest so I could just embrace her and just treasure that moment of holding her for the very first time. When I first held London, my heart just warmed & melted and LOVE just flowed throughout my entire body, mind & spirit. Troy was right beside me as we both took in this AMAZING moment. We had tears of joy in our eyes as we gazed at our precious angel and kissed her for the very first time. If I could only just capture that very moment again- it was just PERFECT & yes, I am forever changed.


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