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Hi Family & Friends!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! As many of you know this past weekend was the Arnold weekend in Columbus, Ohio. This year I was home being Mommy so I missed the Arnold. This was actually the first Arnold that I was not in attendance over the past 10 years. I still can’t believe how fast time flies! I sat here this past weekend thinking how I couldn’t believe that it was already a year ago that I was competing at the Arnold in the Figure International. What is amazing is that when I competed last year, I had no idea that I was already pregnant with London. Yes, I was pregnant when I competed at the Arnold & I guess you can say London has already been on the Arnold stage..LOL

Fast forward to today. I am holding & loving on London and she is already 3 months old. My pregnancy just flew by & now London is just growing so fast! This weekend, I had a lot of quiet time, which is when I often do a lot of deep thinking. I thought about how with so much tragedy and sadness in the world today, I truly am so very thankful for baby London & for all that I have in my life. Just recently we lost another family member to cancer at the young age of 31 and now 5 children have lost their mother. Then on Friday, I had the opportunity to see a friend of ours that recently lost his son that was just a beautiful child. My heart was so saddened by both of these losses and I just thought I couldn’t imagine what I would do if anything ever happened to London.

When I hear about people losing loved ones, it really does make me appreciate everything that I have even more. Friends-Life is just so fragile that there really is no time for negativity, for anger, for hurt. Appreciate & be thankful for all that you have and let the people that you love know how very much you love them. Sometimes when you take a step back, you realize just how many things you are thankful for.  I know for me personally, I am thankful for my wonderful & loving husband Troy, for our precious baby London, for each & every one of my incredible & loving family & friends, for waking each morning being able to live, for my health, for our beautiful home, being able to live, love & inspire others & I am thankful for so much more! Take a moment & just see how much you are thankful for~


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