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Hi Everyone!

Since the arrival of baby London my workouts are pretty quick & intense. I am in & out and back home by the time princess wakes up from her short nap & is ready for her next feeding. I will admit that nursing a newborn does take quite a bit of time and successful managing of my schedule. However, the benefits of nursing your baby far outweigh bottle-feeding your baby formula, if you are able to successfully breastfeed that is. As I drive to the gym, which is just a quick 5 minutes away, I am already visualizing my game plan so that once I enter the gym I can hit one exercise after another. Today was no different when I got a GREAT pump in my delts with this workout:

*5-10 min. warm-up of light shoulder AROM (active range of motion) exercises

*Seated dumbbell shoulder press superset with barbell upright rows

3 sets of 15 reps

*Dummbell lateral raise superset with front dumbbell raises

3 sets of 15 reps

*Reverse flys on pec dec superset with standing barbell presses

3 sets of 15 reps

*One final set of standing barbell presses to failure…Oh Yeah! Feel the burn!

Give it a try & happy training!


Krissy Chin BS, MSPT

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