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7-Month Post-Baby Update!

Hi Everyone!

I apologize for not writing sooner. Finding the down & quiet time to reflect & write down my thoughts has been a lot harder than I thought it would be. You can say a lot has changed since Baby London was born. Crazy thing is that I can’t imagine not having her in our lives now. London has just brought so much love, joy & happiness into our lives that I truly feel blessed. She is such an amazing baby, a true gift from God.

I was able to return to training 6-weeks post partum but honestly I just did not want to be away from her especially the first 6 months. To me bonding with Baby London and being there for her every need these first 6 months of her life was paramount. I did not want to put her in the gym daycare until she was at least 6 months of age so my training was not consistent the first 6 months at all. It mainly consisted of cardio during her naps, taking her in her stroller around the lake and on the days when Daddy Troy was home, I would get a quick workout in at the gym. Now that she is 7 months, we have introduced her into the gym daycare and I am excited about getting back into a consistent training routine.

Since I am nursing London, her feedings also play a role in our schedule. She has been on breast milk only since her birthday and she continues to do great with nursing, which I am thrilled about. It not only creates more time for bonding but Troy and I were hoping to not use formula at all despite the doctors and nurses encouraging us early on to use formula. I am glad that we stood firm because London is just doing great! At her last dr. appointment, her pediatrician said that London is such a strong & beautiful baby & feels that she is developmentally advanced about 2 months.

Life is good. I am absolutely enjoying motherhood and I am absolutely in love with baby London. I am blessed & fortunate that I am able to be a stay at home mom. I am also keeping busy with my clients, Team Gaspari appearances, managing social media for Jon Lindsay & & emceeing some California NPC/IFBB shows. My next appearance will be this coming weekend! I will be co-emceeing the 2013 NPC LA Championships with fellow IFBB Pro Bob Cicherillo! Hope to see you there!!


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