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Training with Nicole Adamo- Amazing Connection

I was asked a few weeks ago to shoot a video with a first time bikini competitor and Gaspari Nutrition sponsored athlete Nicole Adamo.  The video was for Muscle & Fitness Hers and we were set to train at the East Coast Mecca, Bev Francis Gym in Syosset, NY.  Being new to New York, I have actually just started training there exclusively so I was pretty excited to get my workout in, get some great video footage and meet and train with Nicole.  I have recently seen her on all of the social media websites, and thought the whole idea of a transformation was pretty exciting!

I knew that day would be two separate filming's, one by myself and one working with Nicole to update her next Muscle and Fitness Hers blog and video.  Not sure about the schedule, I came with my full day of meals  so I was prepared to get whatever work that needed to be done and stay all day if necessary.

We started the filming and training with Nicole, I would get a meal in and then we were going to do a shoulder workout after my 3:00 PM meal.    I know that Nicole has her own coach, plus I have never worked with her before so I wanted to keep things very straight forward opting to work on biceps, triceps and abs focusing on her form and technique.  It is always a good idea for a beginner to learn proper form and breathing techniques.  I knew this would in no way be a conflict with her current coach so we kept it to a light circuit and began the session.   I could see from the start of our session together, there may be some other things besides lifting weights that may help her and the nerves that come along with competing for the first time.  I felt an immediate connection as well as an opportunity to touch upon many other subjects that are extremely important as a competitor.  I have been exactly in the mindset she was, and it was my intention to help share my experience with her so that she knew she wasn't alone, and that many of us deal with similar issues.  I will let you read her take on our experience together in NICOLE'S BLOG.

It is interesting, I have met a lot of new people lately that have heard of me from being in the industry, but I guess I didn't realize that pictures on Face Book or blogs don't quite let you know the heart and soul of a person.  Building these new relationships, like I did with Nicole make me feel incredible inside.  I have said to myself a million times," Why be in this position if I cannot help other's with their struggles?"    The most rewarding gift one can receive is to make a difference no matter how small in someones life.

I personally cannot wait to see and hear from Nicole, and watch her walk across that stage.  There is no feeling like setting a goal and showing up for yourself, each and everyday whether you want to or not.  For what was supposed to be just a training video turned into something so much more.  Not only for Nicole but for how it felt to give freely from my heart to help her with the exact issues I have dealt with or even currently deal with.

Becoming a leader or teacher is in fact a way to remind yourself of what you already know, so it is so beneficial for both people.  I would have given anything to have had just one woman give me something to hold on to.  Now I can be that woman, or support I have been looking for for years.

I believe that in my new column I coined  'Real Talk'  that is now appearing in Muscle & Fitness Hers will give me the opportunity to be that voice and the opportunity to make a difference.  The most I can give is to share what my hopes, dreams, fears and passions are.  I feel when you speak from the heart it allows others to hear and possibly connect.  The stories may be different, but overcoming whatever life throws your way is what is the same.

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Christina Q from New York, NY
Thank you for sharing your advice,and being so open and honest. I am looking forward to seeing you compete in the NY Pro!
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