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Ava Takes NY Shoot with SOPhotography

Last Friday was an exceptional day for me.  Stacy O'Nell of SOPhotography planned a whole trip to New York to shoot myself and a reality show celebrity.

She wrote me an email when I first got to New York about a month ago and asked if I wanted to shoot.  She mentioned she had always wanted to shoot here, and I love her as a person and a photographer, so I jumped at the chance.  Mind you, she made all of the plans, arrangements, etc.  I was useless in doing so as I was smack dab in the middle of a move in addition to prepping for my upcoming show in 2.5 weeks.  I told her that she would have to take the reigns but that I would definitely show up.  I have so much going on with not eating much food, stress, training, and writing it is just impossible to imagine planning much more than what I am doing tomorrow in terms of training and eating.

Flex Online was also there to grab some video footage for the website.  I look forward to that and will post as soon as it goes up as well.

My first shoot in NYC!  I loved it!

She rented such a cool apartment, and the view was amazing!

My hair was styled by celebrity stylist by Mark Hashe of PeterMark Salon, and  my MUA was by Denise Tavarez.  This was my first time working with her, my buddy Rob Carbo actually introduced us.  She is a perfectionist, I love that!

Gemma sent over some sexy suits as she always styles my shoots, she couldn't make the trip, but check out these gorgeous suits!  She has impeccible style.  Here is a picture of her suits, along with a few that are taken with our phones, and  Tweeted along the way.

It was freezing that day....but I worked it anyway! lol

When the actual images are ready I will be sure to post more.  Just a fun behind the scenes blog.

Thank you Stacy for such a wonderful shoot

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