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The Night Before Real Talk

I am in my room, post spray tan....and just have a minute to put my gifts bags together and blog all about it. I only lost 2 speakers not bad, my good friends are coming. The rest weeded themselves out, which is good because you find out who has your back when you have a retreat where people need to show up for you and support and promote with you. I now know exactly what to do for my next one. And I will also offer these retreats without the services, so it will suit a larger demographic. I wanted this to be special, one of a kind and that is why it is so comprehensive.

I will tell you this....Gaspari Nutrition knocked it out of the park with the sickest gifts ever! I mean, how grateful am I? Extremely, and not one day goes by where no matter what is going on in my life, where I don't acknowledge that fact. And having a sponsor that ships 2 day air to make sure my guests have all my favorite products in plenty of time is nothing short of amazing. You can't have a hotel room full of products and not feel the deepest gratitude.

That is exactly the mindset I focus on, and am eager to share that mentality and much more that I have learned over the course of my life, and more specifically, over the past 7years. It takes a lot to be Ava Cowan. I don't just need a bottle of Suave and call it a day. It's big money, all my money to stay current, fresh and looking good. I will share all the details here. I equate it to being given the answers to the test so to speak. This is Real Talk, and I am going to give my most candid opinion about it all. Doing things many different ways in terms of nutrition, skin care, hair styles, color, tanning, suits, shoes, make-up.....the whole 9yards. Plus the more important aspect of the mindset, which comes way before the physical. I work on that more than I train, without question. Because what good is a smokin body, or a first place finish, if you can't handle the polar opposite of those both. It's not by chance that I was the happiest I have ever been than at the Olympia this year. I was good....real good. And that is what matters in all of this. I mean, it could of gotten ugly right, from 3rd to 9th. I was ready for it, and in life you have to be. It's how you deal with a seemingly "bad"things, when it is actually perfect as it is. It always is isn't it?

So, the evolution, the journey, the struggle, and overcoming and then giving that knowledge away is what this event is all about. Plus, the pampering which separates this events from anything else out there so yes, its high end and special and why not? I would kill to go to an event and get pampered. I'm in! In truth, I am so excited and more importantly honored to have these women here for 3 days. They matter a great deal to me. And though I am learning as I go, and did everything on my own until a few days ago, they will get my best without question.

Thank you Better Bodies and Gaspari Nutrition for helping me and making this event truly special. I couldn't have made it as special without either of you. I will get some pictures from them weekend.

That's it from me...I have to get up super early to get ready. So goodnight.:)

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