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I write to you from my usual office space which resides approximately 30,000 feet above the ground. There is no Internet to distract me from focusing on writing my Gaspari Blog while up here. Jet Blue has no WiFi, and a very screwed up flight return policy. Well, I guess I'm just bitter mostly at myself for booking a round trip non refundable ticket to Florida next month, except I put in December 2nd not January 2nd. Who does that? Me,me!! Doing too much at once and doing it while dead tired. I only discovered this after my first supposed flight I missed on Dec 2nd, and I was looking for my return flight from this past weekend and had two flights booked. The one I'm on now, and one later tonight. It took me a whole day of being totally consumed in work to thoroughly review what had happened. One 45 minute call later to Jet Blue, I was basically out the whole ticket after the $100 flight change fee. That call pulled my string that's for sure, but I chalked it up to an added expense, and being there was nothing to do to change it, I let it go and focused on enjoying my last night in Florida last night. Wink,, pizza people lol. Friday I start pulling it I figured pizza two times a year is OK.

Last night I was really too tired to really reflect on my experience, but I can now. And I am blown away for several reasons. The first is that I was able to sit back and watch in amazement the caliber of people that I call friends. There are a many outstanding qualities that they all have in common. Such as having unwavering integrity, are kind, loving, brilliant and successful. I guess in this classroom style setting I was really able to sit back and watch each of them shine as they presented material throughout the weekend. It was my intention that all of my guests have the opportunity to meet and have access to my friends and associates to enrich the quality of their own lives. It takes nothing away from me to give away what I know and have. It only empowers me, as it helps others. And that truly is my primary purpose on this earth.

The women that came, I knew were a direct reflection of who I was. And all of them were so vastly different from each other yet all very solid and strong in their own right. They all came looking to learn something different from me, and I saw myself in each one of them. I don't attract the weak, and if I do it's only because they are determined to grow, change and evolve into being strong. I now know that I had as much as I could handle for a first event, and for how much time we spent together, I would never have more than 6 at a time to this style of event. So it was perfect! Any more and I wouldn't have had the one on one time, or the same intimacy as a group if there were more.

I have decided to create a few one day seminars without the services that this retreat had to be a more affordable option. But I intend to keep this specialized retreat because the photo shoots were so amazing and special, along with all of the other services from my Team of exceptional experts. Dr. Anthony and Jayne Abbott from the Fitness Institute and Dr. Layne and Isabel Norton have to be a mainstay. They made this event happen, in their presence you can't help but want to be the best possible version of yourself. I felt so fortunate to have such solid relationships with both couples to this day.

I went to the Fitness Institute almost 10 years ago, and to have Dr. Abbott, the world's leading expert in Exercise Science, endorse ME is still mind blowing. Dr. Abbott's standards are sky high, and it moves me to even believe he (and his wife Jayne) showed up for me the way they did. I cried the first after I got back to my room just contemplating that fact. I had no idea really, so through this event, I certainly got it.

Jayne Abbott is an angel on Earth. I have never met a woman as loving or kind, ever. To meet the Abbott's is life changing, and if I could hand pick family, they would be at the top of my list. Should you decide to go to their school, if personal training is your career, I would strongly suggest signing up for the entire program as I did 10 years ago, you will never regret it.

Dr. Layne Norton being the humble and exceptionally bright young scientist that he is just won everyone over with his moderate views and flexible viewpoints. But all facts that he enlightened us on were all backed up by research. Yet, we were given all sides to be considered regarding training and nutrition, so we weren't beat over the head, rather we were able to learn a new way to hear about the facts, and I think everyone walked away possibly with the notion nothing is absolute. As research is changing and evolving all of the time and the use of never or always doesn't apply to the responsible.

Isabel Norton is so beautiful inside and out it's shocking. Plus she's as sharp as a knife and exudes fierce feminine strength that runs deep within her. And these two I predict will be in such high demand, I better get on the ball and take them up on the offer to come visit. And soon!

Thank you Peter for for always making time for me and my endeavors.

Thank you Stacy from SO Photography for being so easy to work with that even a person who has never had a photo shoot done, feels completely comfortable and free to be their be in front of a camera.

And to the love of my life who cracked me up all weekend, helped me non stop and without question and never made the room feel heavy by being present. This blog is from the heart, and I had to write it while it was all fresh. I never want to forget a thing.

Next, I leave tomorrow for my West Coast Tour. Please click this link to view the entire schedule.

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