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Prepping for my trip to Columbus

You may or may not be a competitive athlete, but giving you small snippets of some of the potential stressors that may occur unexpectedly can give you a small glimpse of how something so ordinary, can become unnecessarily challenging.

All was going very smoothly as I made my final preparations for my trip to Columbus, Ohio. But I learned something new today that I have been fortunate enough to avoid until today.

First tip, If you are bringing food with you on board an airplane, make sure you are in the early boarding groups. I was in the last boarding group of my flighty and was totally comfortable with my whole process until I got on to Delta flight 1827 a short while ago. Even the people at the security check points were so friendly, asking questions about competing, Gaspari, my food bag, and everything else associated with being a professional athlete. It was so cool! I told a few of them about my Facebook page, blogs, My new columns in Flex and Muscle and Fitness Hers. It made me feel so good to talk about the sport of figure and the positive impact this lifestyle has had on my life.

So I make my way to my flight, on time, and feeling very relaxed and happy.

I was in the last boarding group, and I was pretty much the last passenger on. As it turns out, all of the overhead bins were filled. I looked over about to ask about my bag and The first flight attendant barked that I would have to check in my food bag. I smiled and explained that my bag contained perishable items, and asked if maybe we could check another bag that wasn't carrying food. She looked at me with complete fury and rudely told me that it would fit under my seat, and abruptly left.

Now as a seasoned traveler, I knew that with my purse, that wasn't going to work. So I walked back to my seat, hoping to come across a somewhat more understanding and or accommodating flight attendant. I calmly told her the same story but this time I did tell her that I appreciated the suggestion, but that my completely full bag wouldn't fit. She told me to follow her.

I was so relieved. Maybe she had a separate spot up front. So we were walking, she quickly walked right outside of the aircraft and put my bag down outside of the airplane. In two seconds flat she told the security to put me on the next flight.

Ok, let that sink in, what I just

I think I just froze in complete shock and horror. The security guy came up to me, and I mean out of nowhere as I was still just trying to explain, that I didn't want my food for the day to starting to panic, the tears started to well up in my eyes, and I instantly found myself pleading that I needed to be on this flight.

His response," If you try and board this plane with this food, I will have you arrested. You can eat the food here at the airport while you wait for the next flight!". I can tell you I felt the heat of terror fill my face. In less than 10 seconds I was felt Shocked, scared, and humiliated. I embarrassedly pleaded that I needed to be on THIS flight. They snatched my food bag scanned it and in total embarrassment I just turned around, without my food, with my head down walked down the million mile aisle and sat in my seat.

I am a mature adult, dieting or not. I just tried to communicate the importance of having my pre measured, full days worth of food available to me on my flight. There was absolutely no reason to have been treated in such a degrading or humiliating way. I am not perfect, no one is, but the way I was treated by the staff, flight attendants and security on this Delta flight was totally reprehensible and absolutely unwarranted. I am quite sure this is not an isolated incident, and I will be forwarding my experience to Delta directly as well.

I believe in the power of writing or talking with someone as a way to relieve stress. And as an effective way to work through problems. This blog was a perfect opportunity to do just that. And considering I have such an important weekend ahead, I needed to release this, express myself and move forward.

In the future, I will not fly on Delta Airlines if at all possible, and I will make sure I am in an earlier group in all my future flights to avoid this situation in the future.

I feel better, thank you for listening.

Next! :-)))))

Member Comments

Aimee W from Lutz, FL
This is just so reprehensible. I am so sorry that you were put through this. I hope you do not let this incident go and take it up to the top. Congrats and you looked amazing at the Arnold! Look forward to reading future blogs.
Reama S from New Paris, IN
It is really ridiculous by all means to feel belittled in ANY capacity like that. I am glad you are firing off a letter. The company as a whole needs to be responsible for the actions of their employees. With all the god awful things going on in this world, and they are gonna arrest you for having FOOD on a plane? wow..just wow. Its time to find a different carrier..lets hope you never have this experience again! Congrats on your finish this weekend at The looked FABULOUS! Rock on mamma :)
Aleta F from [unknown location]
Ava that was terrible what you had to endure...and on your way to an event at that. No Delta flights for me if I can help it. I bet that flight attendant was a hater. She was jealous because you look so awesome.
Sexy_to_ S from Pasadena, CA
Ava, I feel your pain. Air travel, post 9/11, is absolutely a PIA!!! But, to get to our destinations in a timely, sane manner we must "bite the bullet." The last time I traveled, the TSA ONLY took my yogurt. Yogurt! Chin up, Gert.... Don't let the small stuff get you down.....and remember, it's ALL small stuff (and temporary). "It has come to pass...."
Gwen S from Scottsdale, AZ
Wow! As if flying itself isn't stressful enough! That's terrible. I have to fly out tomorrow and hope I don't have those flight attendants from hell. Sorry you had to deal with all that! :(
maria a from union city, NJ
I am one of your fam eva, I readed your note and was very sad the way they treated you :'( so sad...
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