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2012 IFBB New York Pro!

I have decided to compete in the New York this year on May 19, 2012.  This is really something that I decided to do within the last few days.

I will be in the New York area, that's another blog, for multiple reasons, but there are several reasons for the decision to compete again before the 2012 Olympia.

One of my challenges in my life personally as well as professionally is balance.  I am an all or nothing kind of woman.  And, hey sometimes that can be a good thing and has paid off quite well for me in my career.  It has also been a detrement especially if I get too excited about eating some goodies.  I don't just have a "slice of cake", I eat the whole damn thing until I get sick.....Always have loved just going off!  In every way possible.

This year, and especially with my new contracts, I feel it is time to move to another level.  The next level, and becoming a better version of myself.  Change is hard and is painful, I am experiencing that in so many ways right now, but I know what I have to do to build my self esteem and that is to challenge myself in new and more uncomfortable ways.

After the Arnold, I had some food, but nothing compared to the way I normally eat after shows.  I had two extremely important shoots that required me to stay in top physical condition, and professionally, I will never mess up those obligations.

So what about my next "off season"?  The down time, with no immediate goal in sight?  That downtime is when it becomes more difficult for many of us (OK ME) to maintain some sense moderation.  Decision making time, I am making my new found goal to eat in moderation.

My competition weight at the Arnold was about 121.  My Olympia goal weight will be around 119, and I will not go over 125 in between shows.  It is a commitment I have made to myself.  This week, I haven't trained and have been dead tired just from the whole Arnold prep, cross country traveling while maintaining a strict diet, and my impending travels to NY.  I haven't been in the gym to train this week but I have been burning a ton of calories sifting through clothes, packing, making plans and running around the house full force to get this done and make it happen.  The tension and anxiety of a life changing decisions also burns a ton of calories.  My weight is holding at 124 lbs.  I have added some more carbs in slowly and even had a tiny piece of my roommate's pizza last night.  But it was tiny, and not the whole damn pizza as would be after past shows.  I am adding up my calories as well daily, so that I stay accountable to myself.  There is NO way to be exact unless you do the math, and quite frankly it hurts pretty badly to diet so hard to lose 12-15 lbs for a show.  Writing about this to you also keeps me accountable.  Self expression through writing had always been extremely important for me to work on my issues.  Some people talk it out, I write it out.

So my new goal is my next show in 9 weeks.  That gives me 2 weeks to "maintain" and potentially missed workouts while giving me a solid 7 weeks to hit it hard with the weights and cardio.  Seems a lot easier to drop 6 lbs than 20!

I have decided to compete at the 2012 New York Pro.  I am very excited about this show, and I would really appreciate your support if you could show up.

Bring a cowbell or something!  Let's get this thing going! lol


May 19, 2012

IFBB NY PRO Championships

Men's Open Bodybuilding, Men's 212 & under Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini, Men's Physique, Women's Physique

Tribecca Performing Arts Center

199 Chambers Street

New York, NY

Email: use for serious inquiries only.

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Marguerite W from Lehigh Acres, FL
Wow. Can't wait for competition time to see how you place. I am so excited for you. Best of luck and will keep checking back :)
Sexy_to_ S from Pasadena, CA
AC- I've been checking back here to get an update from you.... Your determination and discipline are admirable and an inspiration...especially to one who desires to lose more than 6 or 20 lbs. I had started counting calories and macros last eye opener... then I stopped....I gotta get back up there....I want something too... and it's more for me than for anyone....thanks for sharing...
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