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I had been training by my own for last Arnold classic but the result was not what I wanted. I thought I looked good enough but the judges did not see it as I thought and I clearly need some change for the next show. To be honest, I realized something wasn’t right ….means my [...]

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Come visit BodiCafe in NPC USAs weekend in Vegas!

One of the biggest NPC show is coming up this weekend in Las Vegas, it’s IFBB pro qualify show, USAs! As most of you here know, I have a smoothie bar and supplement store in there, name BodiCafe, located in the best gym in Vegas, City Athletic Club. We have all kind of healthy high [...]

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My pre workout shake!

I posted this video on my FB page and many people complained about too many or too expensive….really? This is how I mix my pre workout shake, 1x Vasotropin 1x Superpump3.0 1x Glycofuse 1x Aminolast Are they too expensive? Nooooo! You can buy all of them less $200 for sure and they will last more [...]

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Chicago pro 212 second prize… but I won’t give up!

First off, I want to thank all of you for your warm support. I did my best and I was pretty sure I brought my best physique but the result wasn’t what I wanted. But no worries, I will do it in Tampa pro which is 5weeks out! I’m coming to Tampa to win and [...]

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It’s my birthday!

First off, thank you so much everyone wishing me happy birthday. I just turn 41…! Oh my god… lol! So I usually don’t do this but I looked back my career a little bit. I started competing in 1993 as a bodybuilder in Japan, it took me 12 years to turn pro (my first pro [...]

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10 Days out from Chicago Pro 212

Here I am only 10days out from Chicago Pro 212 and all I can say is I’m feeling great! I wrote about my past mistake ( overtraining, under eating etc…) in my previous blog. I learned  enough and now I am training with Charles Glass and I just started working my nutrition with IFBB pro [...]

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My Supplement stack for Chicago pro

Here is my supplement stack 4weeks out from Chicago Pro 212! Before morning cardio (empty stomach) : Anavite x 1scoop, Carnipure x 2scoop, Detonate XT x 1cap Pre workout: Glycofuse x 2scoop, Superpump3.o x 2scoop, Aminolast x 1scoop Intra workout: Aminolast x 1scoop Post workout: Glycofuse x2scoop, IsoFusion x 2scoop, Aminolast x 1scoop Before evening [...]

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UK Tour Wrap Up

I was lucky enough to do UK tour with Rich Gaspari in last week and we had great time in there. The reason why we did this tour was to launch Superpump3.0 and Rich’s book 51days no excuse. We had visited at least 2 stores or gyms on each day and met so many great [...]

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Come to see me in BodiCafe

As I posted in my blog before, I have a smoothies and supplements store named BodiCafe in Las Vegas’s best gym, City Athletic Club. It’s a small store but my very first business in this country and we are very excited and having fun everyday operation ( I have 2 partners, 9x MsOlympia, Iris Kyle [...]

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51 Days NO EXCUSES, What An Amazing Read!

All of you reading my blog should know my boss Rich just published his new book “51 Days NO EXCUSES“. Of course I pre-ordered it on and started reading it right away after I got it. I love reading but to be honest with you, it’s sometimes not so fun reading English book because [...]

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