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Hidetada Yamagishi

Europa supershow 2nd and Olympia qualify!

I finally did it! Yes I got Olympia qualify by taking 2nd in Europa Supershow last weekend! I did not expect this journey would get this hard…but I am very happy with everything I brought on the stage…size, conditioning and posing…everything was spot on. Thank you so much my training coach Eric DiLauro and my [...]

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Tampa wrap up and Europa Supershow this weekend.

First of all, I would like to thank everyone here for supporting me so well. I didn’t win in Tampa pro but I was very very happy how I looked and it was no question the best showing I ever made on pro stage. I’m writing my blog at hotel room in Dallas, yes I’m [...]

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Tampa pro. 1week out!

I have been working hard for this show for almost a year and I’m ready to step on the stage! Thank you my coach, Eric DiLauro and Iris Kyle to take me to another level! Thank you all of you for always giving me support! Never train without Superpump Max before training and SizeOn during [...]

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