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Hidetada Yamagishi

Off season has began!

After the long season of dieting for 5shows, it’s finally time to put some mass! It is the best time for us that hitting heavy weight is so fun! As for nutrition, you need to eat more food to build new muscle but you can’t be too fat if you still want to be a [...]

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British GP

It was my first time to visit U.K. and as I expected I had a great time there even though I didn’t do too well in the show.  I did of course 100% my best prepping for this show however I have to admit my body did not respond as its supposed to…just a week [...]

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Hello from Manchester U.K.

I’m relaxing in hotel room in Manchester UK, it’s 2days out for the British GP. As I mentioned in my last blog, I competed in Arnold classic Europe last weekend. The result wasn’t good… I thought I was at least same or even tighter than I was in Olympia but overlooked again. I was very [...]

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Olympia wrap up and European tour

My 5th Mr.Olympia experience was kind of bitter…I thought I showed up with shape of my life but judges didn’t think that way. Even though I was far away from top spot 15th, I was very happy how I looked and had fun Olympia weekend with a lot of fans. Thank you so much for [...]

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