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Hidetada Yamagishi

Thank you Joe Weider, a Father of our sport…

We got extremely sad new on last Saturday that the master blaster, Joe Weider passed… when I started bodybuilding in 1994, Joe Weider meant fitness itself in Japan and I’m sure in many other country same thing…joe Weider Muscle&Fitness, Weider Nutritional Supplements, Weider gym etc. In 2007, just after I started living in America, I [...]

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I enjoyed my 1week off!

Arnold was done and I took 1 week off from training and dieting…I enjoyed it like regular people lol! I love sushi…I ate it almost everyday for a week! MyoFusion Elite pancake is one of my favorite healthy food. I have it up untill 5,6weeks before show. My Gaspari team mate, Flex stopped by LA [...]

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This is how I Showed up 10lbs Heavier

I have been competing as a pro since 2005 and my body weight had been always around 215lbs in any show. I should know that the body weight itself does not mean much on stage since my weapon is not mass but conditioning and posing, but as a bodybuilder, everyone wants more muscle! One of [...]

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