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Training with a Broken Wrist

As I mentioned in last blog entry, I had finally done surgery for my broken wrist. The next day of surgery, I was still bit of dizzy by damage of long surgery but the 2nd day after it, I went to the gym to see what I could anyway. The 3rd day after surgery I [...]

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Surgery had finally done!

I had not taken care of my wrist injury for almost 3 months because I had guest appearances almost every weekends which I did not want to cancel. After Arnold classic Brazil, I finally had chance to fix it! As I posted my last blog, it was 4hours surgery but Dr. Charles Resnick and his [...]

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Arnold Classic Brazil 8th … What’s Next?

To be honest, I thought I looked good…maybe not really full like I was in Ohio but well conditioned. Well, I did my best and no regret! I just thank everyone here for keep supporting me! So…What’s next for me? I need to take care of my wrist injury at last! The date for surgery [...]

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