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Hidetada Yamagishi

It’s my birthday!

First off, thank you so much everyone wishing me happy birthday. I just turn 41…! Oh my god… lol! So I usually don’t do this but I looked back my career a little bit. I started competing in 1993 as a bodybuilder in Japan, it took me 12 years to turn pro (my first pro [...]

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10 Days out from Chicago Pro 212

Here I am only 10days out from Chicago Pro 212 and all I can say is I’m feeling great! I wrote about my past mistake ( overtraining, under eating etc…) in my previous blog. I learned  enough and now I am training with Charles Glass and I just started working my nutrition with IFBB pro [...]

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My Supplement stack for Chicago pro

Here is my supplement stack 4weeks out from Chicago Pro 212! Before morning cardio (empty stomach) : Anavite x 1scoop, Carnipure x 2scoop, Detonate XT x 1cap Pre workout: Glycofuse x 2scoop, Superpump3.o x 2scoop, Aminolast x 1scoop Intra workout: Aminolast x 1scoop Post workout: Glycofuse x2scoop, IsoFusion x 2scoop, Aminolast x 1scoop Before evening [...]

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