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Freak accident happened…but I’m still doing Arnold

Everything was going perfect till 3weeks out from 25th anniversary Arnold classic...I guess I was careless that I fell on the floor and broke my left wrist!

On my way to emergency hospital, I was just hoping it was strain not broken bone. However it was so obvious it wasn't just strain...

It happened exactly 3weeks out from this big show.  I was  not sure how it went at this point but I just kept doing what I could.

I went right back to the gym! Surprisingly I found out I could still do lots of exercise without using my left hand.

1week passed and now I decided to take the cast off...!

It was not good idea...pain gets worse! But I needed to do it if I wanted to do the show, its only 2weeks out.

I decided to make it official that I am going to do the show with broke wrist today and had interview for Muscular development magazine.

I know I should put my health first...but I really want to do it and I hate to regret something later.

Please not to think its brave or warrior decision...its just my personal crazy choice and wanted to share it with you.

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