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This is how I Showed up 10lbs Heavier

I have been competing as a pro since 2005 and my body weight had been always around 215lbs in any show. I should know that the body weight itself does not mean much on stage since my weapon is not mass but conditioning and posing, but as a bodybuilder, everyone wants more muscle! One of my goal since I started competing was to be on stage with 220lbs(100kg) shredded...I finally made it in last weekend on Arnold classic stage with 225lbs!

Despite the fact I had so many trouble during the prep for this show, many people told me it was my best and biggest ever and actually the number said it was!

Many of you wonder how I did it...I'm not young(I will be 40 very soon!) and it was only a few month since I competed last time(British GP 2012).

Here are the thing I changed this time,

1. Increase protein intake: I am working with Ms.Olympia Iris Kyle with Nutirition since last summer and now she understands my body more and more. We figured out I need more protein than we thought and up to 3g protein per each pound of my body weight instead of 2g. We add more chicken and I had Myofusion Elite shake 2,3 times a day.

2. More rest and decrease the intensity of training in last 3weeks before show: As you know, I broke my wrist exactly 3weeks result I was forced to have more rest and I could not train like how I always do. Instead of heavy lifting, I had to use machines and focus more on squeezing the target muscle. If you are already in shape 2,3 weeks out which you should be, I found out this is the strategy to show up fresh and full.

3. Use these effective and useful supplements as Pre, Intra and Post: I'm always a believer for using Quality supplements around training time because it is the time you really need a lots of nutrient which you can't take from foods. This is how I do,

Pre(30-40min before training): 2scoop SuperPump Max/ 2scoop Glycofuse/ 1scoop Aminolast/ 6tab Vasotropin

Intra: 2scoop Glycofuse/ 1scoop Aminolast

Post: scoop MyoFusion Elite

I kept doing this program throughout my prep till 4weeks out, then I cut Glycofuse to 1 scoop each Pre and Intra.

I can say with confidence this program made a big difference. I was full and hard all the way up to the show. I guess many people in Golds Venice was wondering if I was in shape because I trained all covered up and looked so full and big all the time lol!

Those who afraid of taking carbs during prep, you would be amazed how full and hard you would get by taking Glycofuse. It is a special carbohydrate made in my country Japan! You never go wrong with Japanese quality!!

I broke my wrist 3weeks out but I knew I would make it...

This was how I look 5days out. Full and hard.

On the stage, I was biggest and hardest in my life!

Thank you Rich, Joe and all Gaspari nutrition team for your big support. I would not make this journey without it...

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Benjamin K from Silver Spring, MD
I've been watching your workouts through MD and was inspired by the consistent hard work and textbook style training. It is great to see you achieve great results in professional competitions. You give great inspiration, congratulations and hope you recover fully soon. Go Hide!
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