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Thank you Joe Weider, a Father of our sport…

We got extremely sad new on last Saturday that the master blaster, Joe Weider passed... when I started bodybuilding in 1994, Joe Weider meant fitness itself in Japan and I'm sure in many other country same thing...joe Weider Muscle&Fitness, Weider Nutritional Supplements, Weider gym etc.

In 2007, just after I started living in America, I had an opportunity to meet him in his legendary Woodland hills Weider office. I was of course thrilled to meet and talk to Master Blaster himself! It was one of the biggest highlight in my career.

Joe asked us(Luke Wood, Silvio Samuel and me) to hit some poses in front of him!

Without Joe, there was NO bodybuilding in this planet.

Thank you Joe...Rest in peace...

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