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Maintaining Your Size with Diet

It's holiday season but not for us who are getting ready for early shows in 2014...

I have tried all kind of diet specially very low carb(ketosis) diet for last couple of years. It works that I had been always in shape but I think I lost so much muscle in process of getting shredded.

This time, I really want to hold my size and of course same level of conditioning.

I have been using Glycofuse for almost a year and it really helps me keep my size and fullness.

This is how I use,

30min before training: 2x Glycofuse, 1x SuperPump Max or SuperDrive, 1x AminoLast, 6x Vasotropin

During training: 1x SizeOn

Post training: 2x Glycofuse, 2x IsoFusion

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