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I had been training by my own for last Arnold classic but the result was not what I wanted. I thought I looked good enough but the judges did not see it as I thought and I clearly need some change for the next show.

To be honest, I realized something wasn't right ....means my body had not responded as it used to be through out last few years. Of course I had a big surgery on my wrist last year which effected my training big time, but I realized it was more than it. One point, I even started thinking like Am I getting old...?

I had been very tired all the time and last few weeks before show was worse...I felt like I was going to fell anytime.

After Arnold, I decided to talk to Charles Glass AKA the Trainer of Champions. I have been training in Golds Venice since 2009 and I have seen him almost everytime I am in the gym but I never had chance to train with him before.

Charles told me right away, Hide, you are training way too much and way too long!

It was kind of shocking to me because I am the one telling people not to be over trained....but obviously I was training too much and too long, usually 2-3hours in the gym everyday! It was very simple why I had been so tired all the time!

I started training with Charles about a month ago and the result are very clear, I'm not only no more tired anymore, but also getting great pump and fullness again. It's been about a month and people in the gym already can see the dramatic change on my physique.

It is about 4weeks out from my next show, Chicago pro and we are very excited to see how I can improve from Arnold!

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