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Five Ways to Keep that Sweet Tooth Away!

This is my absolute biggest weakness.  I LOVE sweets and I know you do too! A huge problem for most people, including myself, is after a meal your body craves sweet foods.  Here are some ways that help avoid sugar cravings after a meal: 1.  Wait 15 minutes after you finish a meal!  I know [...]

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The Gluten-Free Fumble

Many people in the fitness industry have been obsessing over eating a gluten-free diet, recently. I find it amusing that regular healthy people are ‘all for gluten-free’ diets, because they think gluten-free equals no wheat/bread, which equals less carbs and therefore, weight loss. I need to step in and set this gluten-free bull$#!+ straight. As [...]

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One of my MANY Random Stories at the Airport

As you may know I travel very frequently. I tell my friends all of these random stories that always seem to happen at airports. Lol. One that was pretty demented happened on my way to Cancun for an appearance at Daddy O’s. It started off with my passport not working at the ‘do-it-yourself’ machines. Then, [...]

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How To Burn 10 Pounds of Fat without Changing your Diet!

Most women today are afraid to lift weights because they think they will get ‘bulky’, and turn into an over-sized bodybuilder! In thinking this, they feel like ‘cardio’ is the only answer to lose weight, completely skipping out on strength (weight) training. Big NO NO! If I told you that lifting weights actually burns calories, [...]

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