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Favorite Butt Workout

Yes its that time again, where we are all thinking of our new years resolutions. Most people find it a good motivation to start getting into shape. This is one of my favorite butt work outs. Try it out! Bridge Lift (instant butt lift) (glut maximus, medius, and minimus, and hamstrings) 1. Lie faceup on [...]

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Hey everyone. So it has been a crazy year for me especially with finishing up school. I have always tried to manage both school and the modeling life. I have a sociology and bio degree and finishing up my nursing degree It’s like I live 2 separate lives. Like cat woman or something. Lol. I [...]

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Health & Fitness Questions Responses

Hey:) alot of really good responses posted on my facebook wall that I wanted to share with you on here. Feel free to add more comments and questions before I respond….~Prestin XO The question was what do you ladies like or dislike about working out?? Amy Werschay Reum: First. Dislike how red my Face gets. [...]

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