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Does Milk Really Do a Body Good?

Many discrepancies have been on the rise about whether or not milk is healthy for the body.  On one side we have been told that milk from cows provides other food sources such as cheese, yogurt, butter and kefir, thus being a great way of receiving protein, vitamin D and calcium.  This may seem like [...]

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Hair Growth

Hey everyone, I have been asked some questions on what I do for my hair.  A nice treatment to keep it healthy and long is this recipe that I have followed. Enjoy!! This can be for guys and girls! Preparation Step 1 Break an egg and place the egg white and yolk into the bowl. [...]

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May you have many more golden years a head to come.  Remember 50 is the age where you can look back at all of your accomplishments, and all of the great people you’ve met along the way to be there to support and bring you happiness. I hope you have a special day with those [...]

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A Big Thanks to the U.S Marines

It was so nice meeting all f you in NC, Jacksonville.  The day started off with Rich Gaspari and I signing at one of most busy GNCs in the states, and ended with me getting to test drive a tank….lol Much love Prestin xo

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