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One of my MANY Random Stories at the Airport

As you may know I travel very frequently. I tell my friends all of these random stories that always seem to happen at airports. Lol. One that was pretty demented happened on my way to Cancun for an appearance at Daddy O’s.

It started off with my passport not working at the ‘do-it-yourself’ machines. Then, I’m walking in the line before customs, and great, I was selected at random for some weird screening. I raise my hand and they scan the palms of my hand. I look to the left of my shoulder and to my surprise I see a BIG flashing 88%. The two security guards look at each other and tell me to wait right there while I keep asking what the test was for. Finally, one of the guards mentions that it’s a screening test for ‘potentially dangerous’ chemicals. I start laughing because beside the big, red flashing 88% there is now also a big, red flashing warning sign!

So, they bring me into some room and start rummaging through my bag. They put on an interrogation light and ask my flight number, seat number and a million other questions. While tearing my bag apart, one security guard asks: “Can you think of any chemical that would be so potent or leave such an impact on the screening?” I answered, “No, I have no idea.”

Then, I started going through all my perfumes, skin products, hair products, hand sanitizers in my head…BUT WAIT!!!? Last night I just got spray tanned!!! IT’S SPRAY TAN!!!!

Now, picture this: two security guards emptying and going through my luggage, another security guard going through my purse, I’m being padded down by some relatively large, hefty women, and there is me standing there telling all of them that its spray tan. They burst out laughing, patting me on the back and putting all my stuff back together. They said sorry for any trouble they had caused, told me to have a great flight, and ushered me out of the interrogation room…

So, a lesson for all the athletes, the models, and any other traveler who gets randomly selected for a chemical screening, make sure you consider your spray tan. lol.


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Borja A from [unknown location]
,All the security in the airports normally are too busy,I know it because i am pilot.An Spray can be innofensive in the way of dangerous than chemical substances but with the changes of pressure from the ground to the flight levels can explode,but i can´t understand why the problem was "chemical dangerous" ...:S.Incredible haha. Borja Amagop- Madrid-Spain
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