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Five Ways to Keep that Sweet Tooth Away!

This is my absolute biggest weakness.  I LOVE sweets and I know you do too! A huge problem for most people, including myself, is after a meal your body craves sweet foods.  Here are some ways that help avoid sugar cravings after a meal:

1.  Wait 15 minutes after you finish a meal!  I know this may be hard, but tell yourself that you will have something sweet 15 minutes after you eat, and see if your body is still craving it.  I guarantee you will be too full to think of having something sweet after.

2.  Eat or drink anything minty!  If waiting 15 minutes still doesn’t cut it, eat a mint, chew mint gum or drink peppermint tea.  This does not mean go eat one of those yummy chocolate mint girl-guide cookies haha.

3.  Brush your teeth! Once again the mint flavour toothpaste will take away the sugar craving.

4.  Drink water alone or with a freshly squeezed lemon.

5.  Have sex.  Enough said;)


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Borja A from [unknown location]
Very good Ways ,I think that the better is the five ;) hahaha Borja.Madrid-Spain
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