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Independent Does Not mean ‘Stripper’

Was taking a drive listening to the tune by A-Game x Luu Breeze tweeting the lyrics "money made me do it', and was rampaged with offended individuals as well as people @ me that I must be a stripper or a hooker because that was the 'infamous song strippers would sing.

lol...First off if a guy tweeted that people would think 'success'. A girl tweets it they think 'stripper'. Already being aware of this perceived notion that people have of the modeling industry brings back to my attention how people still see models/fitness models as being strippers, prostitutes and or have sugar daddies. Just because they see a model who is well taken care, well dressed, drives a nice car, and fit, does not automatically mean she depends on a man to fiance her, sells her body for money or slides down the pole on weekends.

Some people may be driven by helping others, others are driven by money, and or both. Whatever your motivation to succeed is will push you to the top. I find it funny how no one would bother asking a 'model' if they are a student loaded on OSAP student loans lol? or if there success in the industry has brought them far enough to make great money. I myself own my own business, and a student graduate with 2 degrees now finishing up my nursing degree.

I am fully independent and have future goals that are set for me to succeed in:) I totally have nothing against strippers, prostitutes, girls with sugar daddies at all.... 'To each his own' I just would like to change the stereotype that being an independent 'model' does not ALWAYS mean that you fall into that category.



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Chris V from Arvada, CO
It's the nature of the beast, our success takes shots at us and some of us more than others depending on the source of that success. That very beast is also putting you in a subconscious mindset that often requires a constant need for attention, validation and self-worship...ever consider that some attitudes toward models are what they're doing away from the cameras while tweeting and FBing, etc.? Can you step away or is the model in you aaaaalways on? When someone is so driven, determined and successful yet so concerned with that others think...there is some inward discovery to be had there, a soft spot to work on. I say that as construtively and respectfully as possible. Character is what you do when no one is looking, it comes from the inside. If you're in a self-imposed position where people are always watching you have to find other ways to gain personal satisfaction that doesn't include "Look at meeee!" or "OMG I don't want them to think I'm...". #personalsatisfaction Sincerely.
Kevin P from Riverview, FL
Very well said, and congrats on your upcoming nursing degree. You are an example that hard work and dedication pays off.
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