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Getting Down To Stay In Shape: Using sex to your advantage

While it may be hard to get yourself up and ready for the gym, in most cases it’s not difficult to get yourself up and excited for a little bit of sexercise! Yes I said it, sexercise... This is actually a termed used in fitness articles, and one of my published articles was on this topic so I thought it would be fun to share with you!

Sex is an extremely good way to burn calories. Brain cell receptors that are connected to our sex hormones play a large role in keeping that balance. Now that you’re all excited to make an addition to your workout, which are the best positions fitness wise you may want to explore?

Well for the ladies, on top is where you will really get the sexy abs you want, and amazing for core, firming those legs and buns! As well as doggy will give you a nice core and arm workout!  How about try on a desk or ledge? You get the picture;) This will work out your triceps. Missionary will also work your back, core, abs, legs, but and everything in between.

My point is that anything and everything you do involving sex gives you an overall body workout and is amazing for weight loss! Any nutritionist or trainer can tell you that the amount of food you eat compared to the amount of energy you use is a good way to lose weight. If the key is balance, why not include sex in maintaining that balance?

Girls, if you are looking for something to spice your sex life up for your partner while having an intense workout at the same time, try strip-aerobics. Dancing in general, when you are partying with your friends, is burning all the alcohol you just consumed, and giving you an amazing workout. So why not take it to the bedroom. Strap on those sexy pair of high heels, and work those legs. This is also a good calve workout (not to mention the good forearm workout he will get while enjoying this;) )

Trying out a variety of locations during the act will also increase your workout, giving your muscles different exercises then what they are used to. Plus any sort of awkward enclosed spaces will challenge your flexibility. Who needs yoga?

Sex also releases testosterone and estrogen hormones producing an adrenal rush along with releasing serotonin and dopamine brain chemicals, providing a feeling of relaxation.

So the next time you don’t feel like heading to the gym, convince your partner that sex is the number one way to balance your daily workout and diet, not that they should need that much convincing. ~Luv Prestin

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[unknown user] from [unknown location]
My only issue with the blog was - not everyone can have all the sex they want! LOL
Irene d from cansas, CA
This is so inappropriate. I really was one of your biggest fans, but lately all you can talk about it your ass, stripping, sex... I mean, really! That stripper was also a load of crap. everybody knows the diffirence, but if someone is going to make every article about sex or in relation, then I would also think 'stripper?' Im a bit dissaponted.
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